• GGB Magnetic Necklace
  • GGB Magnetic Necklace
  • GGB Magnetic Necklace
  • GGB Magnetic Necklace

GGB Magnetic Necklace

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Our Girls Golf Bling magnetic necklace pendant allows the golfer to quickly pull the ball marker from the pendant and easily reattach it. Our magnetic necklace is designed to allow golfers to remove the stock chain from the pendant with a bail large enough to add any of their own personal necklace chains. This allows the golfer to use real gold and silver chains to enhance the beauty and elegance of the Ball Markers.

The idea of wearing the ball marker as a necklace proved to be not only convenient but also very beautiful. Women golfers have found that they don’t lose or misplace the ball marker during a round of golf. Unlike the problems found with conventional markers on hat or shoe clips, our magnetic necklaces keep the ball markers in place and ready for use. Round after round, the Girls Golf Bling markers are there to be used for every putt. After the round the necklace serves as a beautiful piece of jewelry for any occasion.

  • "The Original Magnetic Golf Ball Marker Necklace"
  • With a 25/32" (.781") diameter, this necklace will fit virtually all metal golf ball markers
  • Necklace chain length is 18.5" made from a thinly coated alloy
  • NECKLACE & PENDANT ONLY - Ball markers not included
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY – Your satisfaction is guaranteed